Orientate, constellate, witness, resonate

A place to practice our body felt sense

(our 6th sense)

With play and imagination 

Morning Dance class

studio 6 Dartington 10.00-12.30am

February 2nd/16th

March 1st/15th/29th

April 19th

3/17/31st May

14/28th June

Morning Dance

10-10.30 - Mindful Meditation

Time to sit, lie or stand, eyes open or closed for 30 minutes. Primarily focusing on breath, but not exclusively, this practise is about allowing what is to arrive and be felt, heard or seen.There will be some guidance in this practice.

10.30-12.30 - Morning Dance

A 2 hr session to dance alone, together and collectively.Whether you choose tobegin from the Meditation or come in at 10.30 to begin the dance, we find centre, and move out from this place of awareness into the relational field.


 A new shape to grow into

A bit about ....

The purpose of my teaching is to realise a better balance of attention and consciousness between body and mind, with a playful approach to this enquiry. In conscious dance, there is opportunity to occupy a space that is more body centred than day to day life. This space is intriguing, beguiling and above all more wild than the day to day. The instinctual, sensory and body-felt are the energies of this space.

We are born with this animal nature, and when I listen to this, there are feelings of contentment, knowing and connection. This process of re-membering is one of stepping into what feels the real me. From standing at the edge of the Forest, to following paths into places of meeting and connection. Music is the liquid that lubricates, carries and plays with sensibilities. It offers a dynamic and visceral backdrop to the landscape of discovery. Connecting with fellow dancers within this space allows another paradigm of interaction, energy reflection and sense of deep self in relationship.


life's vibrancy turns to overwhelm


the fragile nature of heart,

nuzzle in

with a basket of seeds

keep the sparkle alive

When the white noise of human chaos

Blows around us

The changing autumn breeze

Brings a musk scent

calling us back to the earth,

to begin again,

to find new seeds,

father them

close in to the silent song.

AG 09/21