In the dance we move between wild mountain and deep ocean, finding ourselves again and again..

 Movement Practice

with Adam Griffin

Finding your space in the dance

Time to discover, your place of arrival,

feelings of self, sinking into body,

a place to breath out.

Beginning again and again 

Cultivating a body felt sense of self, to experiment, to check out & immerse yourself deeper into.

Allowing ways to begin again and again, to keep it fresh & un-attached to outcome.

Practising the day to day dance

Playing within our own orbital expression and out into the relational space, on the dance floor and the interaction in your day to day.

Groups & Workshops

Orientate, constellate, witness, resonate

A place to practice our body felt sense

(our 6th sense)

With play and imagination 

Morning Dance class

studio 6 Dartington 10.00-12.30am

10-10.3am Meditation (optional)

10.30-12.30pm dance

February 2nd/16th

March 1st/15th/29th

April 19th/

3/17/31st May

14/28th June





An unfurling

Is breathing

An ancestral air

Into you

To remind

And offer

A helping hand

To those that dare

Fumble in the dark

For a way


Before the dawn

Of Spring

Inspiration & Compass

Vincent Arjuna Martine Grieco

Practice walking silently across a room. Sprinkle this walking with

eruptions of movement that come and take us to places of abandonment, to

places of spirals. Stand ready for whatever shows itself. Each day

brings unannounced turbulences, glides, slides, joy, and disappointment.

We practice readiness to greet all these visitors as the soul is in


When we view the swirl of events fleeting, we become adept in a wider view. We see from vastness and embrace this view, an impermanent and  timeless view.

Paul Howell

Before any idea can be a reality it’s a conversation. How we speak is at least as important as what we say. Listening is a wise persons weapon of choice, especially when the stakes are high and time is of the essence.

It’s clear to me that when we turn the background noise of our lives down, and attune to the less obvious, often overlooked aspects of our being, we find an intelligence of a different order. A deeper, wiser aspect of the Self emerges, something unique and elemental that lives within each of us is revealed to us. Our task is to reveal it to others.

Whenever we strip away the distractions and reach for the courage to embrace what is essential within us, and take steps to honour our unique ways of belonging to this astounding, beautiful, precious place we all call home, we change the narratives of our individual lives. In doing that, we have the potential and the power to change the course of our collective lives. The choices and decisions we make now, will not just echo through history, they will define it.

Other influences

Glen Affric/Rewilding/Martine Prechtel/David Whyte/Dartmoor



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