In the dance we move between wild mountain and deep ocean, finding ourselves again and again..

Photo Jens Wazel

Moving moments

Sometimes a shift in consciousness comes from practice.

Of working closely with soil & plants

Sometimes this arrives with a cultivation of a body consciousness

Such as yoga, meditation or conscious dance

Like wild nature our bodies have a degree of intelligence that comes from awareness through connection

Cultivated through intuition rather than logic.

This deep dive into conscious practice I work with through improvised dance & a garden landscaping business.

The relationship between the logic or scientific understanding and the intuitive body felt sense.

Whilst founding and developing the charity Moor Trees, I began to not only learn more about cultivating wildness and the inherent wisdom of succession, I also began a journey of meeting my own inherent wisdom, the sensing of the landscape with my body, rather than just reading the landscape with my eyes.

Through learning a somatic movement practice, deep dive dance was born to cultivate consciousness behind the eyes.

We can read data of studies of species, we can then learn how this translates on the ground by how it looks in the wild.

Similarly an awareness of the enteric brain can be found, how we develop this stream of consciousness also adds information of what is happening as a relationship with the wild.


Certified dance teacher with Soul Motion since 2017

Co-founder of charity Moor Trees in 1998

Founder of Deep Dive Dance 2011

Co-founder of Red Earth Landscapes in 2015

Son, Father & Partner





An unfurling

Is breathing

An ancestral air

Into you

To remind

And offer

A helping hand

To those that dare

Fumble in the dark

For a way


Before the dawn

Of Spring